4 October 2008

Crewe Railway Station

Platforms 12 &13
May / June / September 2008

The beginning of this project took place in May, at the Oblate Retreat Centre , Crewe.
It was a six day residential retreat that allowed 18 dance artists the time and space to reflect and deepen their approaches to site based dance work, alongside creating work for the performance due in September.

Body Cartography; Olive Bieringa and Otto Ramstad; came together with Cheshire Dance's Dance Director, Jacqueline McCormick and USA-based master practitioner in Yoga, Trisha McAvoy to take dance artists, facilitators and practitioners on a journey.

Research and Development Week
Following on from Pollen8, we gathered together for a week in June, t
his week included a number of visits to the station where investigations of the site took place. We spent time collecting information from passengers and staff, collected pedestrian movements off the public; in a rush to catch the train or waiting. Spending time on our own collecting movement from architecture and sounds that occurred in the train station and really clarifying each motif.
We collected large amounts of information by the end of the week, to remember and put into use for September.
The Pollen8 artists had increased their knowledge of the site and facilitators had roots to begin work with there youth & community groups.

Filming Week
Some of the artists gathered to take part in the filming process for the Installations. This took place at Cheshire Gardens for the film installations.

Station/ Stationary: The Performance: 25-29th September
The world premiere of Station/ Stationary finally fell upon us all and it was truly successful. Cheshire Dance, The Body Cartography Project and up to 100 performers redefined and explored Crewe Railway Station.
This performance was to encourage audiences and commuters alike to reengage their sensory curiosity in this regional gateway through performance and installation works.

It was broadcasted on North West BBC news on the 25th September;
Dancing Room on the Platform, http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/7636751.stm
and became part of the Cultural Olympiad.

A couple of Videos from the Performance (good quality)

Station/Stationary from Olive Bieringa on Vimeo.

Station/Stationary: wilding section from Olive Bieringa on Vimeo.

The Station / Stationary Performance
Small movies in order of the performance.
(It gives you an idea, not the best quality)

"Station/Stationary is probably the most ambitious performing arts project ever to be undertaken at a railway station in this country."