16 September 2008

Daydream Nation: Good Night Deer

February 2008

Daydream Nation is the exciting collaboration between the Royal College of Art Textile graduate Kay Wong and the Central Saint Martins Theatre Design/Directing graduate Jing Wong.

The Making of Good Night Deer

The Story
Once upon a time,
there was a hunter,
he killed deers,
One day he killed a deer with a golden mane,
"Good Night Deer," he said.
He went to a lake to wash off blood stains,
When he saw the spirit of the dead deer,
He was cursed and was transformed into a deer,
Wolves and then hunters started chasing after him,
He hid but soon he heard footsteps,
It was a deer,
who turned out to be a hunter in disguise,
"Good Night Deer" he said.
Kill and be Killed.

Daydream Nation was part of Fashion Week on the 14th-15th February 08 at the ICA (Institute of Contemporary Arts). I was the 2nd Movement Choreographer of the production and a Tree Spirit.