10 May 2009

The Woman and The Machine (2009)

Is a story about the hidden secret between 'The Woman and The Machine.' A young lonely widow loses her husband in WW2, and as she goes on in life without him, she conceives from her unconscious mind to design a machine…

The character I will be performing as will be ‘Future Eve,’ a dancer that resembles woman being controlled by everyday machines. I am researching and developing movement material which relates to my character and working closely with the producer Miguel Almagro.

I am looking forward to collaborating with the rest of the cast and to start filming ‘The Woman and The Machine.’

Please take a couple of minutes to follow the link on the title and see this beautiful dreamy website for more information on this Film or copy the address below;


Dare We Do It Real Time? (2009)

"It was an absolutely tremendous show and it was great to be so uplifted by your performance."

"Exciting and brilliant use of live technology with live performers."

Our Virtual World!
Photographs from the Post Me_New Id Project, held at Kinetica Art Fair, earlier this year. I can not wait till the published DVD comes out! Whoo!!
This production contained everything from live camera, live visuals, live performers, live virtual worlds, live live live!

For futher information on
Post Me_New ID: http://www.postme-newid.net/
Jean Paul Berthoin: http://web.mac.com/whatisanimagetoyou/Berthoin/Home.html

1 May 2009

Stan Wijnans: MuDanx

MuDanx is the Interactive Performance Art & amp; Technology laboratory founded by Stan Wijnans. MuDanx is specialized in developing the artistic and technical stages of interactive/responsive movement and multi media performances that aim to apply cutting edge new technologies to enhance the artistic environment.

I recently worked with Stan Wijnans in the final stages of her PhD at Bath Spa University. We worked with motion sensing equipment to see; how the dancer’s body can interact with technology and create music through the use of sensors.

I felt that as a performer it was a great way of creating and developing sound for dance, especially with the use of surround sound. When we combined the dancers body with sensors and the sound equipment into the space, we found ourselves creating musical chords, playing with low and high pitches and exploring different rhythms and dynamics. This was only a small proportion of what we explored and improvised within the space. To enable this equipment to work five sensors are placed on the dancers body; one on the head, one in each hand and one on each foot. It was an interesting research project which came out with lots of positive outcomes and inspiring ways of making sound.

Stan Wijnans Information:

- PhD Creative Music department Bath-Spa University UK
- Interactive sound artist
- MAX/MSP/Jitter/Isadora programmer

Website @ www.MuDanx.nl

Dear Body, just once more!

19th March 2009

In January I had the opportunity to take part in Protein Dance, 'Dear Body' in Bracknell. Later in March I took part in it again at Hextable Dance in Swanley. Everyone was lovely to work with and I thoroughly enjoyed the double experience.

A Weekend in Venice

30th March 2009

A Weekend in Venice by Screenwriter & Director Ellie Brent
The short film about romance and misadventure.
Film Location: Brighton

The film begins with a couple, Deanna and Dave, on there way to Brighton for a romantic weekend away, until the weather turns cold and mysterious things begin to happen... Dave falls asleep into a dream and finds himself venturing out into a midnight Carnival of Venice which is taking place within the corridors and rooms of the hotel...

My Costume went from...this feathered hat into a change for white hair...mmm


In this film I auditioned to be a ballroom dancer of the dream scene, joint with other professional contemporary dancers. We had a couple of crazy waltzing rehearsals and flew straight into costume. Unfortunately being a tall dancer I had the position of the male part, however its amazing how much one can change with a mask and white hair.

Everyone worked together fantastically and it was a great day doing something crazy and new.

Festivals the Film has been entered into:

* » Cannes Film Festival
* » Venice Film Festival
* » Sundance Film Festival
* » Berlin Film Festival
* » Sans Sebastian Film Festival

A spot of Fish and Chips out on the front of Brighton Seafront...mmm...

I can not wait to see the premiere of 'A Weekend in Venice.'
But until then please have a look on the websites below to see more great pictures and further information about the film and Ellie Brent.

More Information on the Film @ http://www.aweekendinvenice.co.uk/
Further Photographs @ http://www.rodfountain.com/