19 June 2009

Bains Numeriques Festival, June 09

Enghien Les Bains, Paris

On 5th June, the town of Enghien-les-Bains will be transformed.
Using all five senses you are invited to follow from the railway
station, through the streets, to the church and the market,
discovering the town’s joie de vivre. At a given moment
(you’ll know when), be ready to FREEZE wherever you are and become a living statue, silent and still as your senses soak in the spirit of the town. Keep your eyes, ears, noses and taste buds alert for the clues that will tell you what is happening next.

The aim of the project was for myself and Vesna Grandes to co-produce the site specific performance, to be held in different areas of Enghien Les Bains with a VIP showing in the 'Dansoir.'

We also contributed in delivering the educational packs to the schools within Enghien Les Bains based on movement exercises about the senses in which teachers could deliver to the young people.

This event is co-concieved and co-created by body>data>space(London)and Coney (London/anywhere) and is produced by body>data>space in Association with Centre des Arts (Enghien-les-Bains); In collaboration with Solar Associates (London).
body>data>space and Coney first collaborated on a Freeze event in a commission by the Hide and Seek Festival 2008(London).

The video will hopefully follow shortly...as well as my near miss with an impatient french motorbike...we shall see.

A Brutal Life to A Brutal End

In 2006 I created a site specific piece and an inspirational film based on the political conflict between Nato and Serbia. I explored the way it affected the community through my own personal reflections of what I remembered as a child, through BBC footage and newspaper articles. I have even incorporated my father’s voice in Serbo-Croatian and the translation in English from myself, which runs through the soundtrack.

The Inspirational Film

A Brutal Life to A Brutal End - a small exerpt of the solo.

As the choreographer and dancer of this project I understand the connection between the very brutal film footage and the emotional solo performance. However if I was to really connect my work to the film in an political perspective, I would have developed the movement material into a more innovative and exciting context, creating a site specific group piece in a urban landscape. (Preferably in the heart of Belgrade where it was bombed.)

11 June 2009

Summer Time! 2009

I am looking forward to the Summer Time, as this is the location of where I would like to create a new dance film. I am currently researching and developing my ideas to create an innovative and exciting piece, which will devour this strange land.

Please do contact me if you are interested in collaborating with me on this project.
Thank you.

10 June 2009

(in) grained

The concept of (in)grained was to investigate the textures, prints, and grains left by the human body and nature. We researched into the works of Alwin Nikolais exploring the psyche behind a more animalistic behaviourism and delving into Stelarc's 'Technological Body.'

This piece went on tour in 2007, I hope to re-explore the piece on a bigger scale in the future.

Dancers: Danny Burnham, Sasha Spasic
Sound produced by Tage Skotvold.
Set Design by Laurie Osborne

Carte Blanche

I just really love the quick travelling material, its definetly up my street!

A little inspiration!