15 October 2008

MPT: The Big Freeze

The Hide 'n' Seek Festival, The Southbank, London
June 2008

On 28 June, London was transformed. The banks of the river became flooded with hundreds of people, all waiting for the signal to freeze. The largest freeze yet to descend on London.
Not frozen but poised, and ready to play big games with passers by and the community.

Coney and body>data>space organised this great event for the festival, sent out through Myspace, Facebook, word of mouth, people could sign up to as much or as little as they wanted via the internet. Each person was asked to bring a prop or maybe wear a colour to the groups they picked from the red adventures to the yellow movers.
As project co-ordinator for this project I lead a yellow snake of people along the Southbank, down to play Grandmothers footsteps in Jubilee Gardens, with a final clock chime from Big Ben.