18 July 2010

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The sum of it all...

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Anomic's current show "The sum of it all..." has been included as number 1 in The List's top 5 shows tipped to be underground hits at Edinburgh. Bring it on!

The sum of it all...

Some images of The sum of it all... characters and many more creatures of the night are too come and take over this blog of mine!

Bring on Edinburgh!!!! 2010!!!!

Anomic Multimedia Theatre

Hi all... I am now the associate artist of Anomic Multimedia Theatre, this is a NEW Company by Award-Winning Dan Shorten, co-founder of Precarious!

The last few months have been rather hectic from tour bookings to marketing to manic rehearsals and a whole lot more!!

We are now getting ready to hit the Edinburgh Festival Fringe for 2010! with our new show ‘The sum of it all…’

This heartfelt story laments the central characters journey from banality through love to despair. At once witty and melancholic the story explores the tragic decisions, unsettling circumstances and extreme emotions which lead the protagonist to the most profound and disturbing decision of his life. 50 inch televisions and projectors create a giant wall of video as a backdrop for the live action. This unparalleled performance merges technology, physicality and imagination in a white knuckle, multimedia concoction, chockablock with ingenuity and originality. www.anomic.co.uk

Anomic is based in Norwich, Norfolk