26 February 2012

Me and My Shadow

Me and My Shadow, by Joseph Hyde
This commission is supported by MADE (Mobility for Digital Arts in Europe) 2011.

Joseph's project builds on experience with the Kinect and related technologies, and previous work in telematics. It will consist of ‘portal’ installations in four cities across Europe, which will connect users in each space through real-time motion capture, projecting their 3D ‘shadows’ into a creative collaborative space. The project will work in close collaboration with the partner organisations through a series of residencies with each, culminating in the presentation of the finished project at the Bains Numeriques festival in June 2012.

me and my shadow - 3 portals together from Joseph Hyde on Vimeo.

I was involved in this project on the 2nd Residency working with body>data>space and the National Theatre at The National Theatre Studio.

Me and My Shadow was definitely something new to get my head around, by having elements of telepresence in the software gave us the dancers a head start into understanding the technology behind the Kinect.

In this residency I lead the rehearsal direction. We began by exploring and playing with the Kinect software, learning the navigation properties and what various elements mean when playing in a virtual world. Once we had a better understanding of the software we began creating sequences that we could play with in the virtual world and leave traces of our bodies behind. There was also the element of being able to find our live selves and moments where we could find each other in the virtual world, and have moments of connectivity live as well as play with past images.

This residency ended with a process showing at the NTS, with a feedback session afterwards. The next residency will be in Belgium and the final outcome will be shown and open for the public to explore at The National Theatre Foyer in June.

MADE is the initiative of four leading European Digital Arts organisations, Centre des Arts (France), body > data > space (London), BoDig (Turkey) and Transcultures (Belgium).