19 June 2009

A Brutal Life to A Brutal End

In 2006 I created a site specific piece and an inspirational film based on the political conflict between Nato and Serbia. I explored the way it affected the community through my own personal reflections of what I remembered as a child, through BBC footage and newspaper articles. I have even incorporated my father’s voice in Serbo-Croatian and the translation in English from myself, which runs through the soundtrack.

The Inspirational Film

A Brutal Life to A Brutal End - a small exerpt of the solo.

As the choreographer and dancer of this project I understand the connection between the very brutal film footage and the emotional solo performance. However if I was to really connect my work to the film in an political perspective, I would have developed the movement material into a more innovative and exciting context, creating a site specific group piece in a urban landscape. (Preferably in the heart of Belgrade where it was bombed.)