1 May 2009

Stan Wijnans: MuDanx

MuDanx is the Interactive Performance Art & amp; Technology laboratory founded by Stan Wijnans. MuDanx is specialized in developing the artistic and technical stages of interactive/responsive movement and multi media performances that aim to apply cutting edge new technologies to enhance the artistic environment.

I recently worked with Stan Wijnans in the final stages of her PhD at Bath Spa University. We worked with motion sensing equipment to see; how the dancer’s body can interact with technology and create music through the use of sensors.

I felt that as a performer it was a great way of creating and developing sound for dance, especially with the use of surround sound. When we combined the dancers body with sensors and the sound equipment into the space, we found ourselves creating musical chords, playing with low and high pitches and exploring different rhythms and dynamics. This was only a small proportion of what we explored and improvised within the space. To enable this equipment to work five sensors are placed on the dancers body; one on the head, one in each hand and one on each foot. It was an interesting research project which came out with lots of positive outcomes and inspiring ways of making sound.

Stan Wijnans Information:

- PhD Creative Music department Bath-Spa University UK
- Interactive sound artist
- MAX/MSP/Jitter/Isadora programmer

Website @ www.MuDanx.nl