7 December 2008

Virtual Physical Bodies

Centre Des Arts, Enghien Les Bains, Paris
October 2008

body>data>space have curate this exciting exhibition exploring question of the virtual/physical body and public spaces, looking at how innovative and emerging technologies can change and modify a new generation body into our real and daily lives. body>data>space collective with collaborators; Michael Takeo Magruder and Ivor Diosi.

With the Centre Des Arts, this collaboration proposes to think about various scripts where the body is filmed, imagined, pixellated, modelled and animated into real daily environments – into architecture, the city and this exhibition. Through installations and multimedia displays, this exhibition is a reflection about the body, within live presence, utopia and fantasy.

Above: Virtual Physical Bodies Performance
Investigating the virtual and the physical bodies within the telematics environment.

The exhibition will run for 3 months to 11th January. The opening on the 9th October presents a special ‘skintouchfeel' performance telematic event.


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